Date: 11-6-2013 2:07pm

Leading retailer Smiths City and its recycling partner RemarkIT have announced they have now filled their quota of collecting 10,000 televisions under the Ministry for the Environment’s TV TakeBack programme. 

“Participating in the programme is an important part of our commitment to the communities we operate in,” said Martin Simcock from Smiths City. “We have been pleased with the response from all areas, but particularly from those in the South Island. Smiths City has filled its quota much faster than anticipated and is delighted with the response from the community to the recycling programme. We encourage those wishing to dispose of their unwanted TVs to visit the website to look for alternative options for recycling.”

TV TakeBack is a Government programme to encourage the recycling of unwanted televisions and raise investment in New Zealand’s electronic recycling capacity. The initiative involves the Government partnering with a range of recyclers, retailers, producers and councils to provide a nationwide network of TV recycling drop off points.

The programme started on 25 March in the South Island, apart from the West Coast which has already completed TV TakeBack. TV recycling drop off points have been opening progressively across the regions.

The programme is also investing in recycling capacity and capability in New Zealand, and raising public awareness. The Government is also investigating options for the long-term management of electronic waste.

Government funds to subsidise TV recycling are capped and divided across the country, so every region has access to subsidised TV recycling. Once the subsidy is used up in each region, costs are likely to be higher to cover the full cost of recycling, although some retailers and producers are also offering TV TakeBack recycling around New Zealand outside of the main phases of the programme.

TV TakeBack is being funded via the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund. Money for the Fund comes from a waste levy charged on material disposed of at landfills.

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