Remarkit collaborates under “Project Green” to provide a world-class e-waste recycling system for New Zealand

Media Release
25 March 2013

Remarkit is one of three companies partnering with the Ministry for the Environment under the banner of “Project Green” to provide a transparent and robust recycling solution for outdated and unwanted TVs. All types of TVs can be recycled including Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Plasma and flat screen televisions.
Televisions contain materials such as lead that can be harmful if released into soil or waterways. Safe recycling reduces the risk of contamination and most of the TV can be recycled.
Remarkit have established an excellent reputation for innovation and leadership in the disposal of e-waste and Project Green is collaborating with global leaders in electronic waste recycling TES-AMM and a network of disability enterprises to recycle the televisions.
Project Green has established a comprehensive network of drop-off points throughout New Zealand and the Government are subsidising the recycling of televisions through the TV TakeBack scheme. Project Green's drop off point at Smith City will recycle at a cost of only $5.

Project Green’s exclusive partnership with TES-AMM means its recycling of e-waste has enabled Project Green to implement world-class processes to ensure the best possible outcomes from e-waste recycling.

“Every waste part is accounted for in this robust e-waste tracking system,” says Project Green’s Project Director, Matthew Johnson. “We have been able to implement a certified e-waste tracking system through our partnership with TES-AMM, a company that is at the forefront of environmental recycling technology and services. It is a world-class system where we can track from pick up point through to end disposal. It’s very transparent which means that clients can rest assured we are not cherry picking the most valuable parts and dumping the rest.”

Local communities throughout New Zealand also stand to benefit from Project Green’s collaborative approach to the TV TakeBack scheme and e-waste recycling. 

“We have partnered with disability enterprises and will be providing employment through Project Green for people who might traditionally find it hard to gain employment.  We know there are literally hundreds of thousands of old televisions out there. People are starting to realise that their e-waste can be harmful to the environment and we hope people will really take e-waste recycling as seriously as they do their household waste.”
Project Green hope the TV TakeBack scheme will encourage thousands of kiwis to do the right thing and recycle their televisions in an environmentally responsible way. “Not only do we make it convenient and cost effective to drop off your old TV, Project Green’s TV TakeBack network takes good care of your old TV, recycling most of its parts using a state of the art tracking system, but we will also be providing employment to some of those people who most need our support.”
Key Facts
•    Project Green will have recycling stations across the nation from 25th March 2013
•    Project Green is one of three MfE partners in the TV TakeBack scheme
•    The subsidized MfE scheme is only available for a limited time until a cap is reached
•    Project Green have a nationwide network of 80 drop off points and growing 
•    Project Green drop off points can be found by visiting
•    Project Green are collaborating with disability organisations Kilmarnock Enterprises, Cargill Enterprises, Southern Disability Enterprises to create dismantling work for many people
•    Project Green is a project run by Remarkit Ltd  leaders in e-waste management since 2003
•    Information about TV TakeBack can be found here

About Remarkit
Remarkit is New Zealand’s leading specialist in Information Technology commissioning, decommissioning, remarketing and recycling services. Established in 2000, Remarkit are leaders and innovators of the disposal and reuse of IT assets. They are specialists in the commission of new IT equipment, decommissioning corporate computer systems and preparing them for resale on the open market nationally and internationally. 
Remarkit provide an innovative end to end recycling service based on a commitment to robust processes, best-in-class standards and strong ethics. Remarkit has successfully provided recycling and decommissioning services to a wide and significant number of commercial and government organisations throughout New Zealand as well as supplying computers to schools, community organisations and programmes such as Computers in Homes, refugee programs, and Digital Strategy projects.
Remarkit were the first New Zealand company to achieve ‘Basel permit’ certification for environmentally responsible overseas disposal of e-waste. . Since 2005, Remarkit has assisted the Ministry for the Environment in e-waste issues, and are contract providers in the Ministry for the Environment’s TV Takeback scheme as well as an accredited refurbisher for Ministry of Education-sponsored Computer Access NZ Trust (CANZ).



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