Project Green is an initiative Remarkit has set up to ensure your e-waste is taken care of in the most environmentally responsible way possible. Remarkit have been on the forefront of the e-waste recycling industry in NZ for many years, championing sustainability, as well as creating innovative new recycling solutions.

That spirit of innovation was the inspiration for Project Green, which draws on the global credentials of our project partner, TES-AMM, as well as a broad consortium of NZ recyclers. Project Green now provides a nationwide recycling platform for all kinds of e-waste, giving New Zealanders – households and businesses – a way to easily and safely prevent their e-waste from entering landfills. 

We’re also committed to bringing the wider benefits of the recycling industry to the community – Project Green has

already resulted in local jobs. We’re especially proud of the fact that we’ve created useful, stimulating dismantling work for many people – including people with disabilities – through our Kilmarnock, Southern disAbility and Cargill Enterprises relationships.

Starting with the TV TakeBack initiative, the Project Green consortium will take good care of your old electronics, keeping nasties out of our precious environment.

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